Truth, Love and the Future


She has confused all the learned of Islam,
Everyone who has studied the Psalms
Every Jewish Rabbi, Every Christian priest.
Ibn El-Arabi1


LOOK! THIS IS LOVE! -to fly toward the heavens,
To tear a hundred veils in ev'ry wink,
To tear a hundred veils at the beginning,
To travel in the end without a foot,
And to regard this world as something hidden
And not to see with one's own seeing eye!
I said "O heart, may it for you be blesséd
To enter the circle of the lovers,
To look from far beyond the range of eyesight,
To wander in the corners of the bosom!
O soul,from where has come to you this new breath?
O heart, from where has come this heavy throbbing?

What Must Come

To those who seek truth in conventionalized religion:
Until college and minaret have crumbled
This holy work of ours will not be done.
Until faith becomes rejection
And rejection becomes belief
There will be no true believer.
Abu Said3

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