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Women Against Shariah


The mission of Women Against Shariah is to prevent and outlaw the imposition of shariah law in the United States for both Muslim and American women as either a parallel legal system or a replacement for existing laws. Additionally, we hope to empower women worldwide to resist shariah.

It is our position that shariah law imposes second class status on women and is incompatible with the standards of liberal Western societies and the basic principles of human rights that include equality under the law and the protection of individual freedoms. The shariah code mandates the complete authority of men over women, including the control of their movement, education, marital options, clothing, bodies, place of residence and all other aspects of their existence. Further, it calls for the beating, punishment, and murder of women who don’t comply with shariah requirements.

In our efforts to stem the encroachment of shariah in the West, we are focusing on the following objectives:

  • Education of the American public about the inherent human rights violations and the attempt to undermine or replace U.S. law and American statutes with Islamic shariah
  • Publicizing of important issues related to sharia requirements such as honor killings, forced marriages, child marriage, polygamy, female genital mutilation, violence against women, etc.
  • Alerting policy makers and legislators to potential human rights and equal rights violations and working toward the development of possible remedies and legal actions
  • Building coalitions with like-minded organizations to develop policy initiatives and interventions for victims of shariah.

Muslims Against Sharia


Muslims Against Sharia Islamic Reform Movement

  • Peace, Love, Light
  • Acknowledging mistakes
  • Accepting responsibilities
  • Moving Forward



Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan RAWA is the oldest political/social organization of Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and women's rights in fundamentalism-blighted Afghanistan since 1977.

Mona's Dream


A Website for a feature film about the lives of a group of people including young girls and women who were exectued in Iran for being followers of the Bahai faith.

the Women of Islam


Welcome to the Women of Islam. It is my hope to bring to light the plight of both Muslim and non-Muslim women who live under Islamic Shariah law as well as to reach out to Muslim and non-Muslim women with the love of Christ. I make no apology for caring about the women who have suffered under Shariah law. You are my guest, and as my guest, I hope that you enjoy the website.

Dr. Homa Darabi Foundation


Dr. Homa Darabi's Foundation is a non-profit organization, independent from all present political, social and religious factions with goal and objective to promote the Rights of women and children as defined by the Universal Declaration of the United Nations 1948 General Assembly.

  • To Separate Church and State
  • To Establish Democracy
  • To Abolish Gender Apartheid and to Establish the
  • Equality of the Sexes

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

I Wanna Hold Your Hand and hope for happiness. A blog on freedom of faith by a liberal woman Muslim healer.

Apostasy and Islam

" … Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error …" [2:256]

This is Islam's unambiguous affirmation of freedom of faith, which also applies to changing of faith. The Qur'an illuminates before the humanity the two highways [90:10], one of which leads to salvation. Islam is an invitation to the highway toward salvation, but it is based on FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

Former Muslims Discussion Forum

Discussion forum for former Muslims.

Faith Freedom

Carries many articles on resistance to fundamentalism.

Australian Islamist Monitor

Raising consciousness about Islamism in Australia

Front Page Magazine

Magazine monitoring world impact of Islam.

Jihad Watch

Organization monitoring activities of world jihad and Islamist agendas.

Beautiful Muslimah

Fashion in Muslim women's dress.

Sharon Chadha blog

Sharon Chadha travel blog on global jihad, radical Islam, and the war on terror, Oh and also the beauty of Islam at peace.

Islamic Myths

Islamic Myths Busting the Islamic Myths - one myth at a time

Be not like those who fall into disputations after receiving clear signs (Holy Qur'an 3.105)

Western Resistance

Blog site monitoring Islam in the West

Planck's Constant

Commentary on Islamist agendas

"The battle Sir is not to the strong alone, it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave" Patrick Henry

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