Islamic editors in Wikipedia have censored the Sakina entry we originally authored, removing most of its content, including all reference to the cosmic feminine, the statnic verses, and the whole section relating sakina as peace to takiya as faking the peace. The entire Sakina entry has also been subsumed as Islamic, under the Wiki Project Islam, when it has a wider cultural significance, also encompassing the sacred feminine and Jewish mysticism.

Please gro.aidemikiw|q-ne-ofni#aidepikiW liam-e and help liberate this editorial misuse, contrary to the pursuit of knowledge.

Compare the original with the censored version:

  1. Original full Wikipedia Entry (in Wikipedia Sakina history)
  2. Sakina Ka'aba Mirror of Original
  3. Reduced Censored version currently on Wikipedia

It is essential to protect Wikipedia against vested establishment interests misusing the editorial collective socially to make it an instrument of canonical doctrine.

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